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Introduction to Sindy

In the Beginning

Sindy was created by Pedigree Toys in 1963 in response to the success of Barbie.  She was intended to be the girl next door and was based on the innocent looking US Ideal  Company's Tammy doll.  Her name was based on a popular girl's name of the time Cindy.  She was originally produced as a basic plastic bodied doll with a large head, short curly hair and side glancing eyes and had a lovely selection of early 60s fashionable clothes.  By 1965 her limbs had been impregnated with wire to enable them to bend slightly, though these limbs are not very pliable.  She also acquired a little sister, Patch and boyfriend Paul, each with their own collection of clothes and accessories.  1968 brought the first radical change to Sindy's appearance with a long haired, new faced doll known as 'New Look Sindy'.  She continued with minor moderations (walking mechanism introduced and centre-parted hair in 1970) until the introduction of two new look types of Sindy in 1971.

Gauntlet Sindy & Trendy Girl



The first active kind of body for Sindy was a collection of strung together limbs to give her more flexibility.  This doll was called the Lovely Lively but because of the shape of her arms she is often referred to as a gauntlet Sindy.  The other new look doll is known as a Trendy Girl and has what is often considered to be the sweetest face of all Pedigree Sindies.  TG's retain their popularity today.


Active Sindy


In 1974 the Lovely Lively gauntlet active morphed into a flexible doll which had impregnated wire in her limbs.  This version of Lovely Lively came as a ballerina and could adopt and hold dance poses, however she did not have bendable ankles, this feature was introduced in 1975 and continued as a feature of active dolls until the end of the Pedigree line in 1986.

Funtime Sindy

Intoduced as a pocket money range a basic bodied doll in a simple outfit was produced every year from 1973-1983.

Black Sindy

The first black Sindy doll was produced in USA by the Marx toy company (licenced for US distribution of Sindy).  She was an active doll and was called Gayle.  Following the success of Gayle, the UK produced a black Sindy with a basic body.  The UK version is very hard to find today as they were made in such limited numbers.


For a more detailed guide to identifying sindy, go to Sindy Timeline  http://www.dazedbydolls.co.uk/sindytimeline.htm





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